It's A Family Matter

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Entrepreneurship and Family... No one tells you that when you start this journey to become an entrepreneur that for as much as you have to gain, there is much more that you will sometimes have to give up. The journey to success is not for the faint of heart and is enough to truly break a person if they are not careful.  You NEED a support system when you decide to start a business, but what if who should be your largest support system does not have your back?

I am blessed to not be in this situation, however, don’t get me wrong it has been a serious topic of discussion in my house. The long hours, constant attachment to my phone and late trips to the dinner table have been a new thing since leaving the world of conventional 9-5. Looking back on the first 60 days as an entrepreneur, I wish that I knew just 1/10th of what I know now. Now some people say that work life balance is the key, but I think that when you start a business your work and home live merge into a weird gelatin like substance that makes it hard to draw lines and set boundaries. The margin does, however, continue to grow every day that I am working to make my business a success. The task now at hand, however, is to realize the fruits of the labor that I have devoted so much time to.

 We can’t forget those that supported us along our path to success. We also can’t forget the sacrifices that they make to help us live our dreams. My family is hands down the most important thing to me. Beyond business, success, and notoriety they and my faith come first. It’s great to have all of the success in the world, but it’s more important to ensure that you have special people there to share it with.