So you want to be an Entrepreneur?

So you have made the decision to do this Entrepreneur thing, now what? Often we as humans tend to underestimate the time, energy, and money that it is going to take to make a passion come alive. Note that I said passion. While there are many interest in someones life, there are few passions. These are the things that no matter how many times we try to “shake them” they tend to keep coming back to us, almost like a clingy ex. 

In some cases very similarly to a romantic relationship we continue to turn them away, and listen to others who say we would be crazy to move forward with that. Others of us eventually step out and take a leap of faith. We yearn to feel the excitement of living in our passion and not simply admiring it from a far. These are the true difference makers in our society. People like DeVon Franklin ( are the people that use dig into their passion and use their faith as a GPS to guid themselves to the life that they always knew they wanted, but often did not know how they were going to get there. 

Often in life we we small business owners, striving to find out calling in life will use a minimal determent in our journey as a “sign” that we should quit, “oh I guess it was just not meant to be” is often the phrase that follows. Rather than viewing the situation as a stepping stone on our way to higher levels, we see it as an immoveable mountain that we absolutely can not conquer. People will look for a reason to go back to a life that is more comfortable because they are succumbed by fear. I stress fear because no matter how you chalk it up, or what you call it (anxiety, doubt, tension, etc.) It all boils down to FEAR. This is honestly an honest and natural result of your brain telling you “hey…we better think twice about this”. However what separates good from great, and those that succeed from those that don’t is the ability to step into faith and use the skills that they have to live the life that they are truly meant to live. 

Now, I know what you are thinking, easier said than done right? This is far from the truth. What you have to do is train yourself to work through the fear. The only way to do that is to….do it. To help you with this process, see my top 3 pointers below. 

  1. Focus on the things you can control, not the things you can’t: The main thing that you can control is how hard you will work to achieve your dream. Many people think that they are working hard, but many don’t realize how hard they have to work to truly be successful. If you think that 40 hours a week with your own business will cut it…it wont. 
  2. Use your network: Some people legitimately want to help you. This is a common issue that some new business owners have believing. Not everyone wants to “steal your idea”. I mean, lets be honest. If ANYONE can steal your idea, then how much of an idea do you truly have? 
  3. Put God first in what you do: Your gift with your passion will make room for you, but you can’t do it on your own. This is something that my Grandmother told me many years ago, and it stuck. Now I realize that some of you don’t share my beliefs, and thats ok. Use whatever grounds you, and settles your stomach during the often storm that is entrepreneurship.