Grow the next generation of successful mid-market businesses. - CTX Capital Group

Trust in the general public in regards to those in finance has decreased in the past 10 years, and with good cause.

People want to work with those that they can trust, and those that will work on the same side of the table as them while they make some of the hardest decisions they will ever have to make. This is where CTX Capital Group comes in. 

We provide the same level of quality service that our larger competitors do, but at a fraction of the cost. This is because of our ability to leverage technology, and our company goal to assist emerging companies. You won't find us in a high-rise in downtown Austin, or spending money on frivolous items. Our focus is on our clients and helping them achieve their ultimate success. 

Irrespective if you are looking for your next capital partner or if you are looking for guidance on growing your business efficiently, we want to be there as a value add partner for many years to come.