We are more than just an Investment Bank

We partner with Middle Market Companies to provide Investment Banking and Management Consulting Services. One of the best things about CTX Capital is that we are industry agnostic in focus, and therefore work with a diverse group of companies and business owners.

We understand you 

We understand the challenges that come with operating a business in the 21st century and we are aware of the arduous journey business owners take on their path to success.

Powerful tools that uncover lost value

Understanding the value of your business (both qualitatively and quantitatively) will make you a more effective business owner. Our business evaluation tool will use over 18 key metrics to gauge the operational efficiency, financial stability, management effectiveness, and other key measures that help your business achieve success.

At the conclusion of the survey you will know the value of your business, operational inefficiencies, management discrepancies, and other points in your business that are keeping you from reaching your business from reaching it's next level. This tool is effective if you are selling your business, buying a business, seeking investors, or seeking to achieve a higher level of success as a business owner. Our initial assessment is at no cost to you.